Because all eyes matter to us

Because all eyes matter to us

About us

OmniVision: The company

OmniVision is an innovative owner-managed pharmaceutical family business specialised in ophthalmology.

The main business focus is the development and marketing of ophthalmologic products to patients, ophthalmologists and pharmacists.

From the beginning, OmniVision set out to offer a range of high-quality, affordable products that is as broad as possible. Over the years, OmniVision has continually expanded its product portfolio. Today’s range covers the key ophthalmologic medical conditions. In addition to prescription medications, e.g. in the areas of glaucoma or infection, we also provide therapeutic offers for conditions such as dry eye, allergies or age-related macular degeneration.

A key focus of our product policy is the identification and continuation of essential niche products that are often no longer offered by multinational corporations due to their limited profitability. Long-term relationships and close co-operation with ophthalmologists allow us to quickly and precisely identify and offer relevant products. Often, these products are indispensable for doctors and patients as there are no therapeutic alternatives in many cases.

As a medium-sized family business we set great store by our employee-oriented approach, good working climate and individual support for each staff member. We aim to preserve and improve a “better sense of sight” on a daily basis. Always with the well-being of our patients in mind.


OmniVision: Our vision

OmniVision stands for a better sense of sight with a very specific vision. A vision with a clear view, of providing high-quality affordable products to benefit all patients.

With our wide range of ophthalmologic products we aim to always provide the best treatment options for all key medical conditions. Driven by constant innovation, we strive to optimise existing therapies and to develop new therapy approaches and to improve our patients' experience.

A company with a vision: OmniVision


OmniVision: Our values

Our corporate values are a major success factor for our company. As a company we feel committed to our three main values: quality, responsibility and co-operation. They guide our daily thinking, planning and action.


Our high quality standards are clear to see in all areas of OmniVision: the development and marketing of high-quality ophthalmologic products is our utmost priority. This also includes the quality of our daily work. In future we will continue to measure the quality of our products against the highest standards and to make improvements where required.


As an owner-managed company we make our decisions independently: based on underlying ethical and reliable principles we think and act sustainably over the long term. This allows us to make long-term focused investments in our development.


As a co-operation oriented company, we at OmniVision strive to create a respectful and appreciative work environment for our employees. Our thoughts and actions are team-oriented and we communicate honestly – also with our business partners and customers. Our employees act responsibly towards colleagues, business partners and patients. We shoulder joint responsibility towards society and the environment.


OmniVision: The history

The company OmniVision was established in late 2003 by Burkhardt Hoffmann. His decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and especially the ophthalmologic sector coupled with an excellent network and an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit prompted Mr Hoffmann to establish OmniVision.

Over the years the company has steadily increased its product portfolio and become the market leader in several medical indication areas. In Germany, OmniVision is one of the country’s top five leading companies in the field of ophthalmology.

In addition to the company headquarters in Puchheim near Munich, Germany, OmniVision has foreign subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Spain. The products of OmniVision are also sold in Europe and internationally via distributors.

Today, the second generation of the family is already engaged at OmniVision.  Patrick Hoffman is currenly managing the company together with his father. For the future, they aim to enhance the product portfolio of OmniVision with a number of innovative products and to expand the range of countries in which the high-quality OmniVision products are available.