Are you sensitive to preservatives? They are not a must!

Are you sensitive to preservatives? They are not a must!

Eye drops without preservative agents

Preservatives – in eye products?

Products for use on the eye are produced in a sterile form (aseptic) and are usually introduced to the market as eye drops in normal dropper bottles (multi-dose containers). To allow their use for a longer period of time, they must contain a preservative agent. From a microbiological standpoint, this is important to prevent the drops from contamination. Without a preservative, bacteria or fungi can multiply in the bottles and be introduced onto the surface of the eye when using the product. Some preservatives not only prevent contamination, but also support the active ingredients in reaching their target cells in the eye (penetration).

If eye products are used several times per day and/or permanently, preservatives may damage the eye. Key factors resulting in potential side effects are the type or concentration of the agent used in the product and how the respective preservative docks to individual structures of the eye.

Depending on the application system, the eye drops from OmniVision therefore contain very gentle and highly tolerated preservatives in a very low concentration. Alternatively, many eye drops without preservatives are also available today. OmniVision offers single-dose preservative-free eye drops or in special application systems that allow sterile storage of the drops.

Eye drops without preservatives are better tolerated

Preservative agents in eye drops limit the growth of pathogens. The concentration of the preservative is specified to guarantee protection from pathogens over an extended period. However, with extended use preservatives can damage the eyes and can cause or aggravate the symptoms of dry eyes. Therefore, patients with dry eyes, glaucoma or contact lens wearers should opt for preservative-free eye drops. Similarly, anyone with frequently irritated eyes due to an allergy to pollen (hay fever) or house dust mites as well as anyone allergic to preservatives should use these eye drops.

These preservative agents are used in products such as eye drops

  • Benzalkonium chloride

    Benzalkonium chloride (BAC) is the most frequently used preservative in eye medications. It offers good protection from contamination during the application and can also improve the penetration of some active ingredients into the eye. However, with regular and extended use, eye drops preserved with BAC are not tolerated equally well by all eyes. Especially for eyes suffering from allergies it is not recommended to use BAC as it may increase the risk of conjunctivitis, lower the stability of the tear film, and potentially damage the cornea.

    In such cases it is possible to switch to alternative eye drops with better tolerated preservative agents or to eye drops without preservatives altogether.

  • Cetrimide

    Cetrimide is a substance that resembles benzalkonium chloride (BAC). With prolonged use, eye drops with this preservative also result in similar reactions as with BAC.

  • Polyhexanide

    Polyhexanide is a new preservative that is generally well tolerated by the tissues of the eye. It does not accumulate on the eye surface and is washed out with the tear film. Even very low concentrations of polyhexanide are effective against a variety of pathogens.

For dry and irritated eyes: Eye drops without preservative agents

Eyes occasionally are very sensitive to preservative agents. In case of dry, easily irritated or allergic eyes you should therefore resort to products without preservatives.

With our innovative SafeDrop® system we ensure that the solution for use on the eye remains fully sealed and free of contamination by pathogens. Another option without preservatives are single doses. Our eye drops without preservatives are also a good alternative for contact lens wearers who regularly lubricate their eyes.

OmniVision offers an extensive range of eye products that do not contain preservatives, such as:

Azela-Vision sine pack shot

Azela-Vision® sine

Acts within a few minutes. The only azelastine eye drops also available in single doses.

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HYLO-VISION® SafeDrop® 0,1%

Long-term alleviation of dryness of the eye, such as burning, watering, and a gritty sensation.

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Convenient resealable single doses to alleviate burning and watering eyes as well as grain of sand sensation.

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