Allergo-Vision® sine

Allergo-Vision® sine

Acts within a few minutes, suitable also for children aged 3 and over and for breastfeeding mothers. Available starting with a small 10-dose pack

Unpreserved anti-allergy eye drops for hay fever with the active ingredient ketotifen

Highly effective allergy medication with a triple active complex

Important product information

  • General information

    Allergo-Vision® sine acts anti-allergic (H1 blocker), mast cell stabilizing, anti-inflammatory and is suitable for use with children aged 3 and over, and with breastfeeding mothers.

    Available in 3 pack sizes – starting with a small trial pack containing 10 doses.

    Speak to your doctor or pharmacist about any risks and side effects.

  • Package size
    *PIP = Pharmacists Interface Product
      Package size PIP*
    Allergo-Vision® sine 10 x 0.4 ml 10037702 N1
      20 x 0.4 ml 10037719 N2
      50 x 0.4 ml 10037725 N3

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