Herba-Vision® Augentrost MD sine

Herba-Vision® Augentrost MD sine

Soothes & relieves irritated, strained and tired eyes, caused by general environmental factors, for instance.

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    Preservative-free, sterile solution for hydrating and lubricating the eyes with 0.15% hyaluronate and eyebright tincture. Now also phosphate-free and with optimised application thanks to the innovative SafeDrop® multiple-dose container.

    For relief and soothing of irritated, strained, tired or dry eyes caused by general environmental factors, computer work or contact lenses.

    Herba-Vision® Augentrost MD sine is suitable for hard and soft contact lenses and can also be applied while wearing contact lenses.

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    *PIP = Pharmacists Interface Product
      Package size PIP*
    Herba-Vision® Augentrost MD sine 10 ml 16009641

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