HYLO-VISION® SafeDrop® Gel

HYLO-VISION® SafeDrop® Gel

Intensive hydration and long-term relief, especially for intense and chronic dry sensation.

For more severe and chronic dryness sensation

For intensive lubrication and long-lasting relief especially for an intense and chronic sensation of dryness, also following diagnostic interventions to the eye.

Important product information

  • General product information

    Hydrating solution with 0.3% hyaluronic acid (high viscosity). Without preservatives and free of phosphate. With a convenient wide finger grip for optimal application. Use within 6 months after opening. Suitable for hard and soft contact lenses.

  • Package size
    *PIP = Pharmacists Interface Product
      Package size PIP*
    HYLO-VISION® SafeDrop® Gel 10 ml 10642811
      2 x 10 ml 10644879

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