HYLO-VISION® SafeDrop® Lipocur®

HYLO-VISION® SafeDrop® Lipocur®

Hydration and protection of the eye surface for dry sensation, burning and watering eyes.

Even with lipid deficiency.

For dry sensation, burning and watering eyes

For intense hydration of all types of dry eyes, also with lipid deficiency. Relieves symptoms, regenerates and restores the tear film. Natural protection by taurine.

Important product information

  • General information

    Hydrating solution with hyaluronic acid + lipids + taurine. Without preservatives and free of phosphate. With a convenient wide finger grip for optimal application. Use within 6 months after opening. Suitable for hard and soft contact lenses.

  • Package size
    *PIP = Pharmacists Interface Product
      Package size PIP*
    HYLO-VISION® SafeDrop® Lipocur® 10 ml 16009612
      2 x 10 ml 16009629

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