Vit-A-Vision® eye ointment

Vit-A-Vision® eye ointment

For the long-lasting improvement of the tear film and the in-depth protection of the eye surface. Especially at night.

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  • General information

    Eye ointment with dexpanthenol, vitamin A and vitamin E. Soothes symptoms such as burning, dryness or tired eyes. Provides long-lasting improvement of the tear film and intense protection of the eye surface with dry eyes. The cell protection properties allow normal re-establishment of the epithelium when it has been damaged by dryness. Due to its very soft and smooth consistency, Vit-A-Vision® can be very easily spread on the eye surface. Without preservatives.

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    *PIP = Pharmacists Interface Product
      Package size PIP*
    Vit-A-Vision® eye ointment 5 g 02463460
      2 x 5 g 12418532

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